Florida Office

florida-liscenceFlorida Office           



            In 2012, MECC expanded its operations and with the opening of an office in Florida. 

            Strategically located between Miami and West Palm Beach, the MECC team can

            quickly mobilize to many of the developing areas of South East Florida. MECC

            currently has several lenders and attorneys that use our services in this region

            when assessing, investigating or remediating environmental issues.  The Florida 

            office has seen the greatest growth of any of our offices in the past 3 years as 

            more and more clients have become aware of our abilities in that state.  




MECC’s Florida office recently represented a New York client in the purchase of a building in the Miami area.  MECC reviewed a Phase I assessment  previously conducted. The report was absent of Sanborn Fire Insurance maps which is a critical historical source to review. As a result of MECC’s efforts, a historical dry-cleaning establishment was noted on the Sanborn Maps for several years. In order to insure that no sub-surface impacts were present, MECC conducted sub-slab vapor sampling beneath the building to evaluate the potential for Vapor Intrusion (VI). The results indicted no negative results. The report was forwarded to the client’s lending institution which closed the transaction quickly upon receiving the MECC report.