Remediation Services

Remediation Services


 Many times during a real estate or financing transaction environmental issues are discovered. These issues can range from buried oil tanks that need to be removed during a redevelopment to remediation of impacted soil/groundwater from prior releases. MECC now has the capacity to assist clients with a complete turnkey operation.



Working with the best firms in the industry, MECC provides the technical supervision and consulting required during these projects. We act as a liaison for our clients with the environmental regulatory entities which may at times consist of both local and state representatives. By communicating with the case managers, contractor, client and lending institution during the project, MECC provides a seamless approach to completion and close out of the project in order to receive the required regulatory sign off.


MECC is also an approved vendor of the New York City Office of Environmental Remediation (NYCOER) which oversees the city Brownfield and E-designation program. As an approved vendor, we are familiar with the process required by the city in order to expedite approvals and final close out of these sites.


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